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The history of the Faculty of Civil Engineering can be traced back to the College of Civil Engineering, which was originally founded in 1911 at Hanoi but was then located at Phu Tho National Technical Center (Saigon) in 1957. It was the only college training technical personnel in the field of civil engineering in South Vietnam before 1975.

After the country re-unification in 1975, the college was reorganized as a faculty of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. The Faculty continues to be an excellence academic center in the field of Civil Engineering in Vietnam.


3137 Full-time and
2246 Part-time Undergraduate Students
289 Graduate Students
189 Teaching and Support Staff , of which 4 Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 49 holding PhD degrees and 60 with Master Degrees
11 Divisions
9 Laboratories (Full-Scale Structural Testing / Mechanical / Highway / Geotechnical / Construction Materials / Geomatics / Coastal / Hydraulics); and
2 Research Centers (Research and Application Center for Construction Technology REATEC, and Research Center for Construction Materials - RECCOM)


The Faculty of Civil Engineering, as a leading academic center of civil engineering areas in the South of Vietnam, seeks to sustain and enhance its excellence through outstanding teaching, innovative research and public services. Our study programs emphasize basic knowledge as well as practical applications so as to provide a new generation of civil engineers to meet the challenges of the future, keep in view the impacts on environment.


The Faculty offers six, nine and eleven major fields of study leading to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees, respectively in Civil Engineering as follows

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering):
To be eligible for admission to the full-time undergraduate program, students have to take the National Entrance Examination. The examination is organized in July every year, in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects. On the average, 700 students who pass the examination will enroll the Faculty in September. All study courses are conducted on a credit-based system to which the regular full-time study program covers around four and a half years. For part-time study program, students may complete the requirements of the degree depending on their available time, either in daytime, evening or joint training classes. In addition, starting from 2004, there is a Talented Engineering Program specially designed for elite students. The seven major fields of study are:
Civil and Industrial Structures
Bridge and Highway
Ports and Maritime
Construction Materials
Water Resources
Surveying and Mapping
Land Administration



The Faculty possesses an excellent academic support system with lecture rooms, laboratories, and computing services. Our fully equipped laboratories are maintained by academic divisions to serve not only studying needs but also the local industries such as standard commercial tests, certification of new products, field investigation, instrumentation and measurement, etc.


 Director Board



Associate Dean
in charge of
Research and
Graduate Academic Affairs

Associate Dean
in charge of
Undergraduate Academic and Outreach Affairs

Associate Dean
in charge of
Facilities and
Student Affairs


 Organization Structure of the Faculty

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