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Research & Application Center


Research & Application Center for Construction Technology (REACTEC) - Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology (HCMUT) is the organization that researches science technology and works as Consultative Service for Civil Building Construction, Transportation;
Training and transmit technique above area. It has jurisdiction, seal and current account in the bank.

REACTEC was established by the determinations of Ministry of Education and Training, Decree No. 2827/GD&ÃỔT dated 18/8/1995.

REACTEC had Registration Certificate No. A-172 dated 7/11/2003 of Minister of Science and Technology.

Today REACTEC has been changing to become an organization that self expenditure manage according to decree 115/NẢỒ-CP date 5/9/2005 of government about self control and self responsibility of science technology organization.


Board of Director

Director: Assoc.Prof. DAO XUAN LOC, Dr.

Vice Director: Mr. HUYNH TAN DUNG, M.Sc.

Board of staffs

Including 40 Members and more than 50 co-operatives are Professor, Doctor, Master and Engineer teaching in the Faculty of Civil Engineering of HCMUT.

Organization structure and management

Including Building Construction Design shop; Transportation Design shop; Bridges and Roads Design shop.

Survey Topography Squad; Investigation of Engineering Geology and hydrograph

for Constructions Squad; Building status Squad.

Management training unit for vocational educates construction supervision professional courses; project management courses; technical assessment, construction assessment, and another specials subject

Material base

Main bureau (80m2); Integrated construction labs LAS187 (500 m2); Design shops;

Activity area

-Survey, Design, Check and Test construction buildings, Transportation, hydrotechnic.

-Topographic survey, Investigation of Engineering Geology.

-To experiment to provide building material technical standards

-Training construction supervision profession, assessment building construction, project management, assessment realty.

-Training experts for Laboratory of construction.

-Instruction use specialized software about Structure, topographic, geology,. .

- Certify agreement about construction building quality

268 Ly Thuong Kiet Steet - District 10 -Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Telephone: (08)-8643955
Fax: (08)-8637251
Email: reactec@hcmut.edu.vn

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