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Water Resources Engineering and Management

The Division of Water Resources Engineering carries out the education at Bachelor level (in the fields of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydropower Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering), Master level (in the fields of Water Resources Engineering) and Doctor level (in the field of Water Resources Engineering and Management, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering).
At present, the Division has 23 lecturers, which includes 2 Dr-Associate Professors, 7 Doctors, 7 Masters, 4 Doctoral students and 3 Engineers.
The Division has one specialized laboratory, which includes one reservoir model; pressure, non-pressure seepage electro-seepage experiment; pump-turbine experiments; water supply experiments; wastewater treatment experiments; and one mini meteorology gauging station.
The Division has a high potential in teaching, training, scientific research and technology transfers in a variety of fields related to the water resources engineering.
The Division has a close relation with many other domestic and international organizations; it has cooperated with these organizations to carry out several scientific researches.

Subjects to be delivered at Undergraduate Level
Hydrology (2), Water Supply and Sewerage (2), Specialized Water Supply and Sewerage (2), Water Resources Engineering (3), Hydraulic Structures 1 and 2 (3 + 2), Hydropower Engineering (3), Pumping Station (2), Soil Reclamation (2), Construction of Hydraulic Structures (3), Applied Numerical Methods (2), River Training (2), Concrete Structures in Water Supply and Sewerage Systems (2), Wastewater Treatment (2), Water Resources Planning (2), Specialized Experiments (1), Environmental Engineering (2), Practice on Hydraulic structures Design (1), Practice on Hydropower Plant Design (1), Practice on Water Supply and Sewerage System Design (1), Practice on Hydraulic structures Construction (1), Pre-graduating practice (2), Thesis (10).
Note: The number inside the bracket ( ) indicates the number of credits. Subjects to be delivered at Graduate Level
Advanced Numerical Methods (3), Similarity and Experimental Planning (3), Hydrological Modeling (3), Water Resource Planning and Management (3), River and Estuary Hydraulics (3), Groundwater Hydraulics (3), Urban Hydrology (2), Advanced Hydraulic Structures (3), Water Energy Usage (3), Rational Soil Usage by Means of Hydraulic Measures (3), Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Projects (2), Tidal-affected Hydraulic Structures (2), New Materials in Hydraulic Structure Construction (2), Water Hammer (2), Turbulence (2).


Scientific Researches
Numerical modeling, Physical modeling, Planning, Technical Design in the fields of Hydrology, Hydraulics (surface water, groundwater, urban water), soil mechanics and foundation, hydraulic structures, river training.

Achievement in scientific researches and technology transfer
- Planning a Drainage system for the three districts: Tan Binh, Go Vap and 12, Ho Chi Minh City (Department of Transportation and Public Works, 2004).
- Influence of river fluctuation and phreatic surface on the stability of river slope (project cooperated among Vietnam, Cambodia and France, 2004).
- Structural analysis of the spillway of the BounKoup hydropower project (Power Energy Consultant Company No. 2, 2004).
- Electro-seepage experiment for the earth-filled dam of the BounKoup hydropower project (Power Energy Consultant Company No. 2, 2004).
- Design a combined bridge and hydraulic structure at the new urban area (Phu My Hung Company, 2004).
- Hydraulic experiment on a piano-shaped spillway (project cooperated with Hydraulic Association of France, 2004).
- Research on the measure for draining stormwater in tidal-affected city (Department of Science, Technology and Environment, HCMC, 2003).
- Calculating the flow regime in Ganh Hao river by means of numerical modeling (SIWRR, 2003)
- Design of a small-scaled eastern sea of Vietnam at Cu Chi (IMC Company, 2003).
- Studying on hydrology and hydraulics in the flooded Mekong delta (HCMC National University, 2002), Development the Department of Water Resources Engineering
The present Department of Water Resources Engineering was formerly the Department of Hydraulic Structures and the Department of Hydropower - Pumping station which were established in October 1976 and specialized in the fields of hydraulic structures, irrigation systems, construction technique, hydropower and pumping station.
These two departments were the main members of the Faculty of Water Resources Engineering, which later merged with the Faculty of Civil Engineering to become the present Faculty of Civil Engineering.
The Departments of Hydraulic Structures and Hydropower -Pumping station were rewarded with the title Socialist labor unit in several years (1980-1988), in particular the Grade-3 Labor medal (1987) for the Department of Hydraulic Structures.
To cope with the extension of professional training in the new period, the Departments of Hydraulic Structures and Hydropower -Pumping station were merged and renamed as the Department of Water Resources Engineering.
From 2002 âẠỘ present: Dr. Huynh Thanh Son is Head of Department.  


Ban giảng huấn
Huỳnh Tấn Dũng - ThS. (AIT), GV
Hồ Tuấn Đức - TS (Ngành Vật lý, Pháp)
Võ Thị Tuyết Giang - TS (Cộng hòa Pháp)
Trưởng PTN - Phan Quang Hưng - ThS. (ĐHBK TP.HCM), GV
Trà Thanh Phương (đã nghỉ hưu) - ThS. (ĐHBK TP.HCM), TS. (INPG, Pháp), GVC
Đặng Quốc Dũng (đã nghỉ hưu) - ThS. (ĐHBK TP.HCM-ĐH Liege), GV
Trương Chí Hiền (đã nghỉ hưu) - TS. (Đại học xây dựng Moscow), GVC
Lê Đình Hồng (đã nghỉ hưu) - ThS. (AIT), TS. (Viện KT Kyushu), GVC
Trần Chín (đã nghỉ hưu) - KS. (ĐHBK TP.HCM), GV
Nguyễn Thu Hà - ThS. (ĐHBK Tp. HCM)
Lưu Xuân Lộc - TS. (Ritsumeikan University, Nhật Bản), ThS. (Ritsumeikan University, Nhật Bản), GV
Trần Hoàng Linh - KS (Liên Bang Nga)
Nguyễn Thống (Trưởng Bộ môn) - TS (INPG, Pháp), ThS (INPG, Pháp), MBA (Paris X,Pháp), PGS
Châu Nguyễn Xuân Quang - TS. (Nagaoka, Nhật Bản), ThS. (AIT), GV
Huỳnh Thanh Sơn - TS (INPG), ThS (INPG, Pháp), PGS.
Nguyễn Quang Trường - ThS. (ĐHBK TP.HCM)
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